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Beyond Checkerdome 137: Full Speed Ahead

Whether it is scoring goals or crappy internet ... the struggle is real.

Pretty fly, for a french guy
Pretty fly, for a french guy
Al Bello/Getty Images

Another week goes by, and more scoring woes. We talk about the perception versus the reality in the Blues offense (or lack thereof) in some recent games, and whether it is really time to panic or not. We have our own struggles, as our web connection seemed to drop out at times. Apologies for the rough quality of the sound, but it does get better towards the end. Ironically, this batch of games also got better, as we wrap up with the shellacking we gave the Avs. There are some interesting notes about the PK, the role of Ryan Reaves, roster moves, and of course the new Winter Classic jerseys.

If you're brave enough, give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE

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