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Blues At Blue Jackets Morning Open Thread: Back To Square One

After some offensive output, the Blues are back to scoring just one goal during regulation.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

I get that the schedule is tighter than usual this year because of the World Cup of Hockey, but what do the schedulers have against the Blues this month? After back to back games on Wednesday and Thursday in which the Blues scored a goal in each, they got a day off before heading to Columbus for a 6:00 Central puck drop.

That doesn't give them much time to analyze the last two losses, but since the Blues have spent the entire month of November not managing to score goals, maybe an extra day to look at film doesn't matter that much.

The Blues are still, by grace of God and an uncharacteristically awful Central Division - in second place with a 7-5-3 record and 17 points. Oh, and a -6 goal differential, which is inflated thanks to a couple of big wins.

As Robby Fabbri put it, "you have to fix what they want you to fix." I think that applies to more than one player right now.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later on for JMill's preview, your GDT, and hopefully a recap filled with goal highlights.

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