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San Jose Sharks At St. Louis Blues Morning Open Thread: Redux

The Sharks bumped the Blues out of the Western Conference Finals last year - can the Blues get a modicum of revenge tonight?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

No, regular season victories over the team that eliminated you in the playoffs do not count as revenge. A small moral victory, perhaps. Some tiny comeuppance, maybe. But revenge for being knocked out of the Western Conference Finals? Yeah, the best revenge for that would be to knock the Sharks out of the playoffs this year.

Of course, making the playoffs and playoff success is contingent upon getting some scoring going and defense clicking and goaltending not worrying about bounces. After two back-to-back games in which the Blues scored four goals, it looks like the scoring and power play are getting the kinks worked out.

But tonight's the Sharks, not the Sabres. Will they mess up the effects of that one amazing practice that the Blues had Monday?

This is your morning open thread. Check back a little later on for a Lighting the Lamp from Rick, your game preview, and a GDT. While you're waiting for the puck to drop, head to Fear The Fin and say hi to our good friends over there.