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Predators At Blues Morning Open Thread: Steen Still Questionable

The Blues beat the San Jose Sharks without Alexander Steen. Will they have to try to take out the Predators without him too?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues' three game homestand ends tonight, and so far they're 2-0 while scoring seven (!) goals. They've done that the past two games without full help from Alexander Steen, who was injured Tuesday night against Buffalo.

Tonight, they play the Nashville Predators. You may remember the last game against the Preds, where the Blues took a 1-0 lead before the wheels on the defensive bus fell off and they collapsed into a 3-1 loss. It appears that the kinks have been worked out of the on-ice communication, Jake Allen is looking sharper as a result, and hey, Jaden Schwartz! How about that guy?

November has been a tough month for the Blues for many, many reasons. It's still got a couple of weeks left, but it looks like stuff is turning around. Maybe the Blues just got their mid-season hiccup out of the way early this year.

This is your morning(ish) open thread. Check back in a bit for a Lighting the Lamp, your preview, and your GDT, along with a few other things here and there. While you're waiting for the puck to drop, head over to On the Forecheck and say hi to our good friends from the Predators' blog and see their take on tonight's game.