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Blues At Bruins Morning Open Thread: Backes To The Future

The Blues ship up to Boston to visit their old captain and the Boston Bruins.

So, there was this guy named David Backes. He was the captain of the St. Louis Blues from 2011-2016, and during his time with the Blues starting in 2006, he accumulated 460 points (206 goals, 256 assists). He was a big body, a solid net-front presence, and a guy who infuriated opponents on the ice - and fans of the opposition team.

He left this off-season to sign with the Boston Bruins for a five year, $30 million deal that would leave the Bruins on the hook for probably the remainder of his NHL career. Some Blues fans were saddened to see him go, some wondered how - or even if - the team would replace him on the ice and in the locker room. Some pointed to the fact that it took until last season for the Blues to come even close to realizing their post-season potential, so what does it matter if Backes stayed or went?

The season’s still young, so we don’t know if it matters yet or not. What we do know is that David Backes is a Bruin. And the Blues are playing the Bruins today.

Past loyalty doesn’t matter. What matters is two points.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later on for your Game Preview from JMill, your GDT, and whatever else catches our fancy. While you’re waiting, head over to our good friends at Stanley Cup of Chowder and see how they’re viewing the David Backes era.