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Beyond Checkerdome #139: Homestands and Homebrews

Just when Blues fans needed a lift, we get a nice 3-0 week of home games.

Goal, Scrap ... so close, Fabbs.... SO close
Goal, Scrap ... so close, Fabbs.... SO close
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

What a difference a week makes! After ending the previous week with the Columbus debacle, the Blues go on a 3-win run on their homestand. The offense has woken up a little, and there's a lot of buzz about the play of the fourth line. Speaking of buzz, we have a special brew to share this week, and also a trade to announce.

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE

As always, thanks for listening! Send us your home brews, feedback, questions, stock tips, or what-have-ya; it's always welcomed! Email us at BeyondCheckerdome AT G Mail DOT com, or tweet at us with @ByndCheckerdome. Check out the instagram page for our brew selections @BeyondCheckerdome. And of course, be like our friend this week who left us a review on iTunes for the rest of the world to see. Ratings would help, too!


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