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Time To Actually Roll The Dice With Ty Rattie

He hasn't played since October 18th, just how long will the Blues string Rattie along?

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

At this point it comes off as a broken record. Somewhere above all the action wearing a nice suit Ty Rattie watches his prime hockey years ever so slowly slipping away. Ok maybe that's a bit over the top but one has to wonder just when the Blues will give the Calgary, Alberta native another crack at making the lineup.

Giving him a one way contract was a sign that the Blues were showing confidence and ready to give the winger a real shot. But if plans have changed, it's time to waive Rattie and give the 23 year old some ice time down in the AHL.

The former Portland Winterhawk standout is far from his days from being that elite sniper. The hype during his 2011 draft year was exaggerated but the talent is still there. He's proven his ability at every level but at this point in his career, his feet have barely gotten wet in the big pool. Rattie has just played 26 games in the NHL.

Of those 26 games, he's been in the lineup just once this season. A trend that at this point doesn't look to be changing anytime soon.

You can debate for hours whether or not Ty Rattie fits the St. Louis Blues system. Maybe he doesn't, quite possibly all those years ago the Blues scouting staff picked the "wrong player". But if that's the case then why haven't the Blues waived him and at least let Rattie play in the American league with the Chicago Wolves? It could be that Ken Hitchcock and Doug Armstrong realize that there is value in Rattie. Another team will fling out their fishing pole and take a chance on a young player who's hungry to prove himself.

In a year with plenty of change some things really do stay the same with the Blues. Would Rattie really change the current problem the club has in scoring goals? The answer is probably not. This isn't the WHL or AHL. He isn't going to have another 100+ point season. But to say he doesn't deserve a chance to chip in is just insane. Even more of a head scratcher to think his development will continue by just playing in practice and scrimmages. The time to make a decision is now, either find a way to fit him in the Blues lineup or take the risk of putting the winger on waivers.

Looking at things through Rattie's point of view the expansion draft can't come sooner. Currently the Blues seem content with having the player as an emergency backup just in case the injuries start to pile up. So if the blue note isn't in his future maybe the Las Vegas squad will be calling his name. Let's just hope for his sake Rattie doesn't have to wait till Quebec City gets the green light. Ty Rattie deserves better, he may be making nice money to sit around, but is that really living the dream?