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2017 World Juniors Schedule For December 28th: Sweden, USA In Action

Today is a short docket of games.

Yesterday at the WJC was surprising - Denmark surprised the defending champion Finnish team by winning 3-2, and the Swiss took out the Czech team 4-3 in overtime.

The other results - a 9-1 Russian win over Latvia and a 5-0 Canadian win over Slovakia were not as shocking.

After getting a day off, Sweden and the United States are back in it tonight. Sweden will be playing their fellow ally in neutrality Switzerland at 4:00 PM, and the United States will be playing Slovakia at 6:30. The latter of the two games will be broadcast on the NHL Network, but it does conflict with tonight’s Flyers/Blues tilt. The former of the two will be broadcast on TSN.

Here’s a look at the current standings:

2017 IIHF WJC Website