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Where To Buy Game Time At The Winter Classic

The paper is going to be the best part of the game, regardless of where it’s sold.

So, Game Time. You buy one every home game (and if you don’t, you need to fix that personal problem ASAP). You’re getting the special alumni issue today at the tailgate which starts at 10:00. You’re buying one before the Winter Classic, whenever that’s supposed to get played.

But you won’t find Brad/your friendly vendor right in front of Busch Stadium.

The Cardinals have a city ordinance in place to keep outside vendors away from the stadium, because they don’t want official merch confused with unofficial stuff. It’s understandable. The NHL’s using that ordinance as well, which is also understandable. But it’s pretty clear that Game Time is about as unofficial as those knock-off Winter Classic jerseys that you were laughing at last night at the game.

So Brad et al have to get creative. Here’s where you can get your Winter Classic issues of Game Time:

Walnut and 7th

Clark and 9th

Spruce and 9th

S. Broadway and Plum

And we'll have papers at the GT tailgate in the lot across from Paddy O's.

Map? Yep. Here’s the map. Tip your vendor. It’s going to be damp.