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Blues At Predators Morning Open Thread: Break's Over

Vladimir Tarasenko got to spend an extra day in Nashville, waiting on the Blues. Will they show up?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Nashville Predators just concluded a weekend of All Star festivities. The party's over, and the break may have thrown off the Preds' winning ways. They've won four in a row, though to be honest the opponents they've beaten on the road leading up to the break weren't difficult: Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Calgary. Those four teams don't strike fear in the hearts of many.

But two points are two points. The Blues before the break, in contrast to the Preds, were 1-1-1. They scored a whopping three goals; goal support would've given Brian Elliott a 3-0 record heading into the week off. A few goals would help Elliott and the Blues beat the Predators for the fourth time this season. Over the break, the coaching staff had more than enough time to evaluate the lines and make changes as needed to boost scoring.

The team's had a week to rest up and get healthy. The "we're tired" excuse is out of the window. Let's see if they can make a push for home ice advantage starting tonight.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later on for some Road Music thanks to CCR, and your game preview. While you're waiting, head over to the fine folks at On the Forecheck, say hi, and be sure to read their ASG coverage. They were hospitable hosts this weekend - wish them a speedy recovery.