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Blues and Hawks 2017 Winter Classic: 99 percent chance

Per Lou Korac, a source says that the Blues and Blackhawks will get the 2017 Winter Classic. Confirmation is about three weeks away though...

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Blues fans, I have good news and bad news.

Good news. The Blues and Chicago Blackhawks will probably get the Winter Classic in 2017.

Bad news: Actual confirmation doesn't come for 19 days.

Per Blues beat writer Lou Korac, it is 99 percent carved in stone.

The sweet with the bitter. It's okay to pop a Budweiser and sing to the sweet baby Jesus gods of hockey for finally giving St. Louis fans a dose of national spotlight love. As the team passes 50 years in the league and stays among the best teams in the league, it's about damn time they get some loving.

Here are a few things that should happen:

1.) Brett and Bobby Hull should drop the puck at center ice. Or Chris Carpenter and some Cubs punk.

2.) Patrick Kane can hang out in local bars in the Lou but he must wear a shirt that reads "Rape Allegations King".

3.) MORE BLUE THAN RED. Please people don't let the Blackhawks faithful overshadow the Blues addicts.

4.) Blues fans should buy EPIX because the Road to the Winter Classic TV series is always a top notch must watch and gives a very intimate backstage pass to the Blues during their prep for the Classic. It's 8 dollars a month extra. Do it.

While it's not yet a given, may I ask that St. Louis locals keep the shooting murders to a minimum. We don't need to lose this game because violence occurs way too much(according to the FBI that's already a fact). Let's be cool for the next month so our team gets the recognition it deserves for being one of the best hockey towns out there.

Expect details to emerge as the announcement date nears. For all the people who thought the Blues had no chance of getting this game, well you're wrong.