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Hockey Day in America: USA players on NHL teams

Happy Hockey Day in America! There are three games on the schedule today for NBC, including a Stadium Series game. All six teams are from the USA, but how many players on those teams are from the USA?

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Hockey Day in America is one of my favorite days during the hockey season.  A full day of hockey focused around the US and how the sport is growing in this country.  A triple header is on the television schedule today with each three games featuring teams from the U.S.  While the teams might originate in the U.S., how many players are actually from the United States?

The dataviz below shows US players on NHL rosters as of today (minimum 10 games played).  The New Jersey Devils and Pittsburg Penguins lead the league in the number of NHL players on their rosters. Four of the six teams playing today have above the league average for U.S. players.  The Red Wings and that team from Illinois are the two teams playing on television today with below the league average.   St. Louis Blues only have 4 players from the U.S. on their roster which is just under the league average for U.S. players on a team.

Looking at each of the three games featured today, Pittsburgh has more U.S. players than Buffalo; Minnesota has more than Chicago; Rangers out U.S. the Red Wings.

It should come as no surprise that most of the U.S. hockey players in NHL originate from the state of Minnesota.