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Blues' Alex Pietrangelo may return this weekend

The backbone of the defense may be returning this weekend from a knee injury that was supposed to keep him out a minimum of four weeks. Maybe it was three..ah who cares! Some good injury news.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Petro much? In what sounds like a movie coming to theaters, the return of Alex Pietrangelo may be opening this weekend.

In order to appreciate the sweet, you must deal with the bitter. St. Louis Blues fans know this quite well this season as top player after top player have hit the IR for extended periods of time. As Jake Allen returned to the ice earlier this week, Brian Elliott went down in a game I'd like to label "Ryan Reaves Bad Hit Poison".

Missing so many players can make a team vulnerable, even one hanging just three points back of the conference lead. What if I told you Alex Pietrangelo-The backbone of the Blues defense-could return this weekend against the Nashville Predators? Would that something you'd be interested in?(Totally dropped a Bob from Entourage reference there)

According to the Post Dispatch, Petro may return this weekend, something that was confirmed as well by team reporter Chris Pinkert after #27 had a full practice today.

The return of Petro will help a number of things, mainly the traffic behind and in front of the net. The one thing that looked truly terrible Monday night was pucks lingering around the net and not being cleared out of the zone. A puck literally went through Patrik Berglund's stick onto a Sharks stick for the first goal. It was ugly. Petro may not have the slapshot of Zeus or score as much as some fans would like, but he is the smartest player on the ice. A parent to these sometimes troublesome Blues forwards and younger D-men.

Unfortunately, Petro's return may open up the crazy Kevin Shattenkirk trade talks due to the tight cap and the need for the team to upgrade the offense without being able to add much money. The Blues Lounge will sing and so will the STL PD fan forums. I know one day this decision will rear its ugly head but I don't want to think about it. All I want to think about is drugging up some GM and getting him to take Jay Bo and Berglund's contract off the books. While I assemble that plan, go have a nice day.

Petro is on his way back. Remember. The sweet with the bitter. At all times.

Now, let's have a little CCR...