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GameThread for New York Rangers at St. Louis Blues, Feb 25, 2016

Tonight may be the last night we see some of these guys at home in a Blue Note.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Friendly reminder - Monday is the trade deadline, and tonight is the last home game before then. Will any fan favorites be missing when the Blues return home? Will there be some new faces added to the line-up? There hasn't been much chatter attached to the Blues save for some Jonathan Drouin stuff that's calmed down significantly; I wouldn't be shocked to see the same team that takes the ice tonight take the ice when the Blues come back from their road trip. Perhaps they may be a goaltender heavier, in case Elliott's injury is worse than it appears. Maybe they'll add some role player or someone like that.

Will we see any players and picks dealt, though? Eh.

This is your GameDay Thread. Comment like you don't want to be five percent better come March 9th when we see them next.

Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.