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St. Louis May Host Blackhawks At 2017 Winter Classic

The Post-Dispatch broke some speculation about what the Blues may be getting for their 50th anniversary.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Boy, is my negative Nancy face red. After speculating that the Blues would be more likely to host a Stadium Series game than the Winter Classic for their 50th anniversary, the Post-Dispatch leaked news of a potential Winter Classic at Busch Stadium against the guaranteed draw Chicago Blackhawks.

Apparently the Cardinals are preparing to host a game on January 2nd, which signals Winter Classic over Stadium Series. NHL and Blues executives declined comment, which is usually a good sign that something is in the works. Rutherford speculates that an announcement can come within the week for the league, since it's behind schedule on announcing next year's Classic.

With the Penguins and Flyers probably meeting up for a Stadium Series game, and the Los Angeles Kings hosting the All Star Weekend, the Blues getting the Winter Classic would be the tops of the 1967 anniversaries. The Blues' continued success (all things considered) on the ice, the loss of the Rams, and the close relationship of Tom Stillman and Bill DeWitt III, make for a perfect environment to host an event of this size.

Unfortunately, the game would fall on Monday, January 2nd.

Would it be painful for 40K Hawks fans to invade Busch Stadium? Yes. Are they already plotting? Probably. So what is to be done? We buy the hell out of those tickets, Blues fans.

You know, if we get it. For sure.