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Blues At Stars Morning Open Thread: Battle For First Place

We can expect to see the top three in the Central change many times as the season winds down.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After last night's win against the Anaheim Ducks, and the Stars' win against the Chicago Blackhawks, the Central Division standings got mixed about a bit. Dallas is still in first place, but by a point. The Blackhawks are now in third place, by two points.

The Central Division is stacked and ruthless. Don't get too excited if the Blues finish in first place after tonight's game, which is a late 8:00 Central start. The next time the Central's top three teams play, who knows what the standings will be?

Both teams are playing the second of a back to back, but the Blues had to travel. Did they leave some goals for tonight? Check back later on for some Road Music thanks to CCR, your GameDay Thread, and anything else that might happen. Make sure you head to Defending Big D and see what they have to say about tonight's game.