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Blues At Flames Morning Open Thread: Keep Streaking

The Blues survived one of the hardest weeks of their season; now is the perfect chance to add to their points total.

Derek Leung/Getty Images

So, these last two weeks have been ok. The Blues have beaten the Hurricanes, Senators, Wild, Blackhawks, Ducks, and Stars - six big wins in a row to propel them to a tie for first place in the division and the conference. Unfortunately, their propensity to not maintain a lead at the end of the game has been an issue, giving away free points to the Blackhawks and the Stars. That's a problem.

But the Blues have the ability to put some distance between them and the pack, starting tonight - the Flames, Oilers, and Canucks are up on the docket this week and none of them are playoff teams. Seize the moment, guys.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later on for your preview from CCR and the GDT later tonight. While you're waiting, head to Matchsticks and Gasoline and see what they're up to in Canada's Texas.