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SLGT World Tour - Livin' Large in Western Missouri

He thought he was just going to travel around Kansas City. Boy, was HE wrong. The late January and early February adventures of Lil' Louie in Kansas City and beyond!

After making several stops in some exotic locations—such as Singapore and southern California—Louie made his way back to America's Heartland. In his stop in late January, that meant the home of great barbecue and the current World Champions of Major League Baseball . . . Kansas City, Missouri.

But his trip didn't stop in Kansas City. No, he was taken to the state capitol of Jefferson City, the college town of Columbia and the west-central Missouri town of Warrensburg, as BluesMay and I were in both areas to visit family.

Here's his trip in pictures:

His arrival!

We live in the Red Bridge area of town. Here's the red bridge it's named after, and a few other shots from Minor Park:

The World Champion Royals:

The World Champion Broncos:

We spotted Louie's "master" at the All-Star Game. Here's Lil' Louie's selfie with him:

And a selfie with me:

Taking a trip to my cubicle:

We couldn't get Louie to Kauffman Stadium or Arrowhead Stadium or the Sprint Center. But we DID take him to the home of the Missouri Mavericks . . . Silverstein Eye Centers Arena in Independence:

Visiting the outside of the World War I Memorial near downtown KC:

Louie came with us to Warrensburg, MO, where he bet on the "horses":

He lost, so he went and drowned sorrows at the Logboat Brewery in Columbia, MO:

And then he fell over in the car:

There there, big guy:

Here's Louie on the Jefferson City Bridge, which goes over the Missouri River:

Louie joined me for a recording of Beyond Checkerdome:

But, he couldn't stay forever. Bye, Louie!: