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Saturday Links - Daft Rimba Wars

And perhaps the Blues can do better tonight or some shit, eh?

Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports


  • The Blues played like shit and lost 6-4 to the Oilers on Wednesday night. Justin has the lowdown. [SLGT]
  • Copper & Blue looked a bit more favorably at this game. [Copper & Blue]
  • Welcome to the "Zig Zag" Blues, says Dan. I almost feel obligated to put in a reference to either rolling papers or weed (or both) here, but I don't even want to go there. [SLGT]
  • But never to fear . . . Brian Elliott is here to save the Blues, you guys! (And now the trading of two assets for fucking Anders Nilsson makes even less Goddamn sense.) [SLGT]
  • Before those last two duds in Alberta, we recorded Episode 121 of Beyond Checkerdome . . . it was a happier time. [SLGT]


  • Check out our buddies at Nucks Misconduct for Canucks news and fan views. They've had to cover a complete fucking clown fire of a team this year, so be sure to burn a candle for them. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • They'll be coming off a game with . . . yep, the Oilers, in Edmonton . . . which they lost 2-0 despite destroying the Fighting McDavids with shots. [Canucks]


  • Find your own Goddamn scores. [ Scores]
  • Former Blue (for like five minutes) Brenden Morrow announced his retirement this week. He took pen in hand to recount the lessons learned from his fruitful hockey career. [The Players' Tribune]
  • Stars forward Tyler Seguin will likely miss the remainder of the regular season after his Achilles tendon was partially cut by a skate. Ouch. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Ryan Lambert looks into why the Kings go on wild swings (and we're not talking about drugs this time) in this week's Trending Topics column. [Puck Daddy]
  • A judge dismissed a lawsuit against Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock involving a contract dispute with tradesmen of a British Columbia hotel in which Babcock had invested. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • The University of Wisconsin fired long-time coach Mike Eaves on the back side of two dreadful seasons. [UW Badgers]
  • Flyers forward Chris VandeVelde was suspended two games for an elbow to the head of Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews thrown Wednesday. [TSN]
  • Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov made a wicked no-look pass to our old friend T.J. Oshie last night against the Predators . . . and boy was it pretty. [USA Today / FTW!]
  • Kevin Spacey has been the subject of a sweatshirt given to the player of the game for the Panthers this season. Well, Spacey has some Panthers gear of his own. [SB Nation]
  • Analyzing the decline of Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara and the impact it's having on the squad. [Sportsnet]
  • A Philadelphia man is dead from multiple stab wounds suffered after he, presumably a Flyers fan, made a remark to a man in a Devils hat. [The Sporting News]


  • Baylor basketball star forward Taurean Prince had the best damn answer to a reporter's silly question about rebounds after his team was eliminated by Yale on Thursday. [NPR / The Two-Way]
  • Two University of Virginia supporters thanked Middle Tennessee State University for defeating Michigan State in the shooty-hoops thing . . . by donating to MTSU. Well done. [SB Nation / #Lookit]
  • So if you want shitty pizza delivered to you by an autonomous pizza-delivering robot, that's now apparently possible. Just really too bad this had to be Domino's and not some pizza chain whose pizza is decent like, I dunno, Pizza Hut, I suppose. [Nerdist]
  • Did Abraham Lincoln have a genetic mutation called Marfan syndrome? [Mental Floss]
  • Mmmmmmmm. Fried cow's brains. [Y! / Reuters]
  • TRIPLE DEFLECTION. [Deadspin / Screamer]


  • Sierra Nevada Brewing of NorCal offers some very choice brews. This is one of them . . . the Torpedo Extra IPA. Extra strong and extra hoppy. Quite tasty, especially if you love IPA's. [Untappd]


A youngster from California created an instrument he called the RimbaTubes and turned in a quite . . . Daft performance here:

And then followed it up with a bit of John Williams magic:


BluesMay returns Tuesday.