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Blues At Canucks Open Thread: Moose Is Loose

The Blues need to pick up a win to keep pace with the Dallas Stars.

Ben Nelms/Getty Images

This Western Canada roadtrip has been rough, and I take some blame for that.

From the open thread before the Flames game:

But the Blues have the ability to put some distance between them and the pack, starting tonight - the Flames, Oilers, and Canucks are up on the docket this week and none of them are playoff teams. Seize the moment, guys.


This season, whenever I have said what the Blues *should* be capable of doing, they have managed to do the exact opposite. So no, I'm not going to predict what's going to happen tonight, or what should happen against a team that isn't in a playoff spot, who only has 66 points, and whose power play is 24th in the league.

This is your open thread. While you're waiting on CCR's Road Music, head over to Nucks Misconduct and say hi to the nice folks over there.