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Blues beat the Sharks: Five Takeaways

The Blues won a nailbiter in San Jose with the help of Brian Elliott supremacy and a Fabbri slinky. Here are five takeaways.

Keep that puck away from my net!
Keep that puck away from my net!
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

As you collectively catch your breath and enjoy a cup of coffee this morning after last night's hyper intense matchup with the San Jose Sharks that resulted in a 1-0 win, let's look at five takeaways from the victory. This is not a recap people. Look to Justin or some other righteous STLGT staffer for that. I'm here to take out a drill and pop in five screws.

Brian Elliott Just Says No

Elliott apparently forgot that he missed a crap load of time and has refused to allow a goal in his two games back in the net. That's 56 saves(go ahead and check) and a lot of staring and brooding in net. This guy has simply been unreal since he took over for Jake Allen back on January 8th. He regularly likes posting .960 or better save percentages and his goals against average for the season is a filthy 2.01. The plot thickens for who should play come playoff time.

Robby Fabbri is a human slinky

As my Twitter cohort Art Lippo pointed out and I noted RIGHT before he scored the game winning goal, Fabbri likes to leave his body in awkward "please smash me now" positions on the ice. It's not rag doll worthy but the 20 year old thinks his human anatomical body is a fucking slinky and it is going to cost him. There may be a "wakey wakey" in his future. Until then, the man has 17 goals in the NHL in his debut season and can't even drink yet. Imagining a lineup next year with Vladimir Tarasenko, Jaden Schwartz and Fabbri calms the nerves instantly. Will Fabbri be the extra gas tank of bitching in the playoffs next month? We shall see. The Hitchcock trust has been extended to dear Fabs.

Stars win/Hawks lose=Good for Blues

How did this happen? Well, the Stars opened a can of ass whoop on the Chicago Blackhawks. It got ugly. Quenny thought about going shirtless, said fuck 56 times, and the Hawks left crippled and bent from a bad loss. The Blackhawks are losing a bit more lately. It could be a setup or it could be a trend. Whatever it means, the Blues put FOUR points between them and the Hawks. Which is good, because I still think Chicago in the first round is scary. However, if the playoffs started today, the Blues and Hawks would face each other. Now I have a headache.

Vancouver on Friday/Oshie Ahead

Welcome back Ryan Miller. Remember Scottrade? The place you arrived at with Steve Ott and were coined the savior of all things blue, gold and holy. Well, Ott is still here, and you couldn't make 50 saves on Saturday so prepare to lose again. The Blues fired close to 50 shots at Miller last weekend and he smiled like the little bitch from Game of Thrones until Troy Brouwer got lucky late. What happens Friday? More winning. Afterwards, the team flies to the Capitals to face T.J. Oshie and his enabling brothers in red white and blue. Oshie and Brouwer will see eye to eye and maybe T.J. will get ruined by Ryan Reaves in a dirty hit. The pasts, presents and futures of a Blues fan favorite will smack together and all I can say is, "please no shootout".

Regular Season Ending/Playoff Seed Mania begins

After the two games this week, there will only be SIX games left. Six, people. Barring a collapse, the Blues will finish in one of the top three spots. If the playoffs started today, the Stars would face the Minnesota Wild because the Wild have the least amount of points of the two wild card teams(Nashville being the other would play the Kings) and the Blues would face the Hawks while the Sharks would battle the Ducks. Blues fans can hope the Note overcome the Stars for the #1 spot and get the Wild for some cold blooded revenge. I'll take the Wild over the Hawks, at least for round 1. And now I really have a headache.

It's March 23rd and the Blues have 95 points. All these injuries and this team has a shot at 100 points if they can win 2 of their final eight games and manage one overtime appearance. While you can shoot them down for not having enough proven playoff performers or their choking style, this team is proving to be quite resilient. And Alex Steen is not even back yet(he's getting a bionic arm attached and balanced). Just wait. The stress levels are about to rise.

Thanks for reading and good morning!