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Wednesday Links - Aluminum Anthills

It's been a while. Pull up a chair and click away!

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PICTURED: a really Goddamn good hockey player
PICTURED: a really Goddamn good hockey player
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry about the lack of links lately. Would've posted some on Sunday, but had some family business to tend to.


  • There's been a bunch of content posted at St. Louis Game Time: The Website in my absence. Go check it all out.
  • Alexander Steen and Brian Elliott are still a couple weeks away from their projected reevaluation dates. [StL Today / Morning Skate]
  • We're still an announcement away from making the 2017 Winter Classic between the Blues and Blackhawks official, but there's no indication that such an announcement will actually happen today. That and other Blues notes from Lou. [In the Slot / Lou Korac]
  • The Blues are expecting to have Steve Ott back by early April. Just in time for Ken Hitchcock to needlessly overuse him in another first-round playoff exit shit-show! [Frozen Notes]
  • University of Michigan head coach and legendary Blues forward Red Berenson seems to know his time as a coach is going to end soon. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [Detroit Free Press]


  • Our SB Nation Blackhawks partners are over there at Second City Hockey. Give them a look. [Second City Hockey]
  • Our kindred spirits in fan-run publications, though, also do a great job. I am speaking of The Committed Indian. Give them a look as well. [The Committed Indian]
  • Oh, and the Blackhawks signed Marcus Kruger to a three-year extension. He's recorded one point in 33 games this year and is currently out with a wrist injury. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]


  • A whole bunch of scores and shit. [ Scores]
  • The Big Ten is closer than it should be, and arbitrary rankings . . . Ryan Lambert's NCAA Hockey 101. [Puck Daddy]
  • Bruins forward Zac Rinaldo, who was already suspended five games by the NHL for being a stupid head, now is also suspended five games by the AHL for being a stupid head. That's some special stupid headedness. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Lightning(s) forward Jonathan Drouin, who had been suspended by his team for not reporting to AHL practices and games on the recommendation of his agent and who was the subject of many trade rumors at the deadline, will report to the Syracuse Crunch and has had his suspension lifted by the team. [USA Today]
  • As we know, P.K. Subban was snubbed by Team Canada (again) at preliminary roster announcements. Silliness. [The Color of Hockey]
  • The Ducks went from worst in the Pacific Division to actually contending for the division title, which didn't seem possible a couple months ago. [Sportsnet]
  • Panthers legendary forward Jaromir Jagr is now third all-time in NHL points. [The Sporting News]
  • Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher will be out two to three weeks with a lower body injury. [TSN]
  • Rangers forward Dan Girardi is being paid a lot of money to suck at knowing who his teammates are. Or, maybe, he blows. [SB Nation]


  • My Fighting Illini got an honest-to-Christ head football coach for the first time in a while. [The Champaign Room]
  • And he's already on Twitter. [SB Nation / #Lookit]
  • Tennis star Maria Sharapova recently announced she failed a drug test. She's now losing major sponsors. [NPR / The Two-Way]
  • Watch a scientifically-inclined fellow blow up a fish tank with molten salt. 'MERICA. [Nerdist]
  • Here's a good way to get caught in the act of sticking someone up. [Y! / AP]
  • There was talk that the 2016 U.S. Grand Prix F1 race was going to be taken off the schedule, but it appears it will be going on as scheduled. [Jalopnik / Black Flag]
  • Remember Zima? Well, here's the complete story. [Mental Floss]


  • Anchor Brewing Company of San Francisco makes damn good beer. Brotherhood Steam, a California Common, is one of those damn good beers. Smooth and tasty . . . even out of an aluminum can. [Untappd]


The Aussies know how to do anthills right . . . by pouring molten aluminum down the fuckers and making awesome formations out of them. METAL, FUCKER:

That is badass.

You'll have links on Friday. Not sure yet who's doing them. Maybe me. Maybe BluesMay. We'll find out.