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Blues Can Thank Gary Bettman For The Winter Classic

The NHL's commish played a key part in getting the game to St. Louis.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey fans hate Gary Bettman. They boo him so much at the presentation of the Stanley Cup that people've suggested that maybe someone else hand it over to the winning team's captain. They boo'd him at the NHL All Star Game in relentlessly. You see him on your TV or see a photo of him on your computer and you resist the urge to throw things.

Maybe St. Louis needs to buy him a hell of a fruit basket.

Let's be fair, we owe Tom Stillman and Bill DeWitt III a round of thanks for working to get St. Louis into an outdoor game, but Gary Bettman appears to have been the one to get them into the Winter Classic.

Thanks, Gary, for recognizing what good ownership, good fans, and a great sports city are.