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Ejection of Ryan Reaves is the epitome of NHL softness

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Love or hate Ryan Reaves, but his hit on Blackhawks player Christian Ehrhoff was a borderline charging call or mere interference. It was not ejection worthy.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey is getting soft. Like Teflon soft. Silky soft. Cute puddle soft. St. Louis Blues winger/tough guy Ryan Reaves laid out Christian Ehrhoff during tonight's Blues-Hawks game because well, Reaves likes laying other players out. Ehrhoff cried wolf, jerked his head back and acted the part on the ice. Reaves was tossed from the game and the Blues were given a five minute major which the Hawks cashed in on. Here's the hit.

This call was bullshit for a number of reasons. Let me give you two.

First, it was shoulder to shoulder. Reaves didn't connect with Ehrhoff's head or it was barely a touch. It was shoulder to shoulder and Ehrhoff carried the puck into the corner before releasing it like a parachute moments before the hit. Reaves did nothing sinister here. It was a big hit but it wasn't ejection worthy. Unfortunately, the refs are working with the league's hand grasped around their testicles in a vice like grip so they make the quick judgmental hook. It was Reaves so it can spin with the league.

Second, it was a charging call at worst. Maybe interference but Ehrhoff had the puck. He had possession and Reaves was cleared to lay into him. Give him two minutes. Give him five. The game misconduct was horse shit. The refs knew they fucked up when they huddled afterwards to determine how limp their crotches felt.

There was no head to head contact and no shoulder to head contact. Ehrhoff was shaken up but that is what happens when human flesh and bones meets a freight train. What happens if David Backes runs a Hawk over? Do they toss him? No. There is a double standard here and it's painfully evident.

Reaves is a thug and can make a terrible decision, one that can lead to a suspension of three games like we saw in February. However, that was a lethal no doubt suspension worthy hit. This hit was far from that. Heck, even Mike Milbury got off his knees from blowing the Hawks to recognize how bad of an ejection it was.

It leaves the Blues shorthanded in a huge game against their rival and a team they are chasing. Even though David Backes just showed baby jesus hands on a tip in goal, I am enraged by the softness from this league. Broad Street Bullies would be laughing right now. This has gotten out of hand. The Hawks site, Second City Hockey, had their quick reaction to it.

In the NFL and MLB, the refs and umpires gather to discuss big plays. The NHL should do the same. Look it over. Discuss it. Don't make a bullshit call that the casual hockey fan can see is wrong. When did the NHL get so soft?

Sound off in the comments below! Please try to tell me how this was an ejection worthy hit. Love or hate Reaves, this was NOT ejection worthy. A little much? Maybe. Within the bounds of tough hockey...sure thing.