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Wednesday Links - Get Ready

A fuck-ton of links ahead of tonight's opening salvo.

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"This is not a smile, dickweed."
"This is not a smile, dickweed."
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports


  • . . . they got Ovech-tricked. And the league-best Capitals laughed the home-standing Blues out of the building. 5-1 was the final. Three goals for Alex Ovechkin and a record-tying victory by Braden Holtby, who stands a shot at the Vezina. Oh, and T.J. Oshie was back in town. Hull and Oates has your capper. [SLGT]
  • Japers' Rink had a different view on things. [Japers' Rink]


  • Your schedule . . . at least for the first four contests: [SLGT]
  • A poorly-hidden secret was revealed . . . Brian Elliott will be in net to start Game 1 for the Blues. [SLGT]
  • A fan's prayer. [SLGT FanPosts]
  • A fan's keys to taking down the Blackhawks in this series. [SLGT FanPosts]
  • Everyone practiced yesterday. HOLY SHIT. [SLGT]
  • Vegas can't seem to handicap this set. It's like, yeah, the Blues SHOULD win, but they're the Blues. And the Blackhawks SHOULD lose, but they're the Blackhawks. So everything's a fucking mess in Vegas regarding this series. [SLGT]
  • POINT: Blues can beat the hawks. Hull and Oates has his say. [SLGT]
  • COUNTERPOINT: No they can't. It's the return of Hoosier Blue! [SLGT]
  • Dan has his pros and cons of having Ryan Reaves play in the playoffs. [SLGT]


  • When the postseason ends, there will be a new way BluesMay and I do links. [SLGT]
  • A fan's not-so-sunny view of David Backes ahead of his pending free agency. [SLGT FanPosts]
  • Lil' Louie's adventures in Atlanta with our fearless web leader, Hildy. [SLGT]


  • For everything Blackhawks (or at least all you can stand) . . . first, you should definitely check out Second City Hockey . . . [Second City Hockey]
  • . . . and second but likely not least, our kindred spirits at The Committed Indian deserve our attention. [The Committed Indian]



  • Flyers founder, owner and chairman Ed Snider succumbed to cancer Monday morning at the age of 83. #FuckCancer [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Snider was many things, but his commitment to minorities in hockey was impeccable and very evident through the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation. [The Color of Hockey]
  • The Coyotes fired general manager Don Maloney for some reason. [Five For Howling]
  • After Bryan Murray stepped aside as general manager and handed the reins to Pierre Dorion, the Senators announced that they'd shit-canned head coach Dave Cameron and let go of all his assistants. One of his assistants was Rick Wamsley, who you may remember as the Blues goaltender for the Monday Night Miracle game. [Silver Seven]
  • Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk has notified the team that he will be leaving them after the playoffs, presumably for the KHL. For now, the Wings will be on the hook for his entire cap hit of $7.5MM next season. Aw, poor things. [Detroit Free Press]
  • The great Earl Sleek made a spectacular image here, putting all seven Canadian-based teams on a "2016 NHL Draft" logo. [Twitter / @earlsleek]
  • There were reports that the NHL was banning fan-created GIFs. The league denies that report. [Awful Announcing]
  • Our old pal, Islanders goaltender Jaroslav Halak, will miss the first round of the postseason agianst the Panthers with his injury. However, defenseman Travis Hamonic may be available for Game 1. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • In What We Learned, Ryan Lambert opines about whether this was really the best the Wild(s) could do. [Puck Daddy]
  • The NHL's awards show is staying in Vegas but moving from the MGM Grand to the Hard Rock Hotel. Sounds like a downgrade to me. [Las Vegas Review-Journal]
  • A bandwagon fan's guide to the 16 playoff teams from Sean McIndoe aka Down Goes Brown. [Sportsnet]
  • Ranking the Cup contenders. [USA Today]
  • Looking analytically at each series and picking winners is one Travis Yost. [TSN]
  • The Hurricanes say they're not moving to Quebec City, despite reports to the contrary. [Puck Drunk Love]
  • The top ten NHL jerseys sold includes two too fucking many Blackhawks. Including that one prick whose name I shall not mention but whose jersey is selling second-best in the league despite his being a motherfucking garbage can of a human being. [Deadspin]


  • Turtle-smuggling is serious business. [Y! / AP]
  • A history of pizza as told in eight . . . slices. [Nerdist]
  • The Blue Jays are back in vogue in Toronto, as evidenced by this dude's beard. [SB Nation / #Lookit]
  • Seven goals, six red cards . . . one crazy ass New Zealand soccer match. [Deadspin / Screamer]
  • A goat walked into a Starbucks recently. Yes. [NPR / Goats and Soda]
  • I'm sure all of this is true to some extent, but the person who wrote this has clearly not seen how shitty my handwriting is. People like me should NEVER write by hand if it can be helped. [Mental Floss]


  • Fuck it. Get drunk. PIBBER. #BecauseItsTheCup [Untappd]



"Never give up. Never surrender."

BluesMay is with you Friday morning ahead of Game 2.

And look for Episode #124 of Beyond Checkerdome later today.