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St. Louis Game Time Round One Playoff Predictions: Who You Got?

Some of our staff sent over their first round brackets.

Could this be the Stanley Cup Final match-up?
Could this be the Stanley Cup Final match-up?
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows that no one knows anything about who will win in the first round of the playoffs. Sure, we can look at stats and crunch numbers, but every year at least one team advances who shocks everyone. Still, that doesn't prevent folks from filling out brackets and making predictions, and we're no different. Presented for your reading pleasure are some of our staff's playoff predictions for round uno (and in some cases, beyond, because some people are overachievers):

Tim PCS:


DAL over MIN in 4

STL over CHI in 6
ANA over NSH in 6
LA over SJ in 7

WAS over PHI in 5
PIT over NYR in 5
FLA over NYI in 6
TB over DET in 7

2nd round
STL over DAL in 6
LA over ANA in 7

WAS over PIT in 7
FLA over TB in in 7

STL over LA in 7
WAS over FLA in 5

WAS over STL in 6

I can't believe I'm falling for this again.

Donut King:

I wrote in the paper, and said in the podcast, Hawks in 5.

Explanation: I’m tired of being disappointed in having a wrong pick, and I’ve picked the Blues as winners in every playoff series since the lockout. Obviously, that means I’ve only been right once (Sharks, 2012). Bad, bad, BAD run of picks.

Also borrowing from my brother’s philosophy as a lifelong New York Giants fan of always picking his team to be 4-12, so that any other result better than that is gravy.

Anyway. Hope I’m wrong.


Wild in 6
Blues in 6
Ducks in 7
Kings in 5

Capitals in 4
Penguins in 7
Panthers in 4
Lightning in 6

For what it's worth, I have the Blues making it as far as the conference finals, with the Stanley Cup final as Ducks vs Capitals with Ducks winning The Cup.


I have:
Blues in 6
Dallas in 5
LA in 7
Ana in 5

Florida in 6
Tampa in 7
Washington in 6
NYR in 7

Hoosier Blue:

Panthers, Lightning, Rangers, Capitals

Caps and Panthers in the Conference Final. Somehow the Capitals make it to the final. They're just so good this year, but hockey so any crazy thing can happen. Or the curse of the Presidents Trophy. One of the two.

In the West:
Stars, Blues, Ducks, Kings.

I have the Blues and Ducks in the Conference Final. Yeah, I said it. Call me a homer, call me an idiot. whatever. If the Blues can get past the Hawks (and that's been a HUGE if) I think they can make it to the Stanley Cup Final. Do they win? Probably not, but this team is good enough to win the West.

Shawn, who took the lazy route:

Shawn 1

Shawn 2

Shawn 3

Shawn 4

And Dan Buffa:

Blues in 7
Stars in 5
Nashville in 7
LAK in 6

Wash in 5
NYR in 6
NYI in 7
DET in 7

Myself? I have STL in six, Dallas in five, Anaheim in six, and the Kings in seven. Out east, I have the Caps in six, Pens in seven, Panthers in six, and Bolts in six. Who do you guys have?