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Blues in 7 games: Why the Hawks will fall

The Blues have given the fans plenty of heartbreak. Here's why 2015-16 will produce something new.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

George Carlin once said on stage, "Stop living in the past." The St. Louis Blues would be best to listen to that advice and so would the fans. What happened before is dead and buried in the record books. What plays out this month and next will be the only thing worth talking about. Can the Blues overcome the wall of ineptitude and shame and take down the Blackhawks? I believe they can and can go even further. Like Stanley Cup kind of "further". Let's talk. Take a seat.

If there was a time for the Blues to take down the Hawks, this year is the time. I believe the current Blues roster is better than the Hawks. Brian Elliott is playing better than any goaltender in the league and he has Jake Allen to back him up. The Hawks have Corey Crawford, who hasn't played in a month and Scott Darling is nice and all but no Allen. The last time the Blues put out a playoff lineup against the Hawks, Chris Porter and Adam Cracknell were on it. No offense to those scrappy Descalso like grinders but the Blues lines are deeper now. They are also healthy.

David Backes is back to make Jonathan Toews' life a living hell. If Toews steps out of line, Backes will dish him another ass whopping. One of the things people forget about #42 is that he is one of the best defensive forwards in the game. He is as good on the penalty kill as he is on the power play. He averages 20 goals a year and also restricts other top forwards from scoring. Without the Captain, this playoff series may not be so positive.

Robby Fabbri and Colton Parayko weren't here last year. Fabbri has given Paul Stastny the brother from another mother on the same line he has asked for a year now. Along with Troy Brouwer, those guys gives the Blues a solid 3rd line. Yeah, I said third line. One that can score as much as the STL line. How about Alex Steen commanding a line with Backes and the reborn Patrik Berglund. I'm not entirely sure Bergie should hurt his shoulder every August, but the man has finally shown consistent shades of the potential many fans saw years ago.

Three scoring lines. Do the Hawks even have two? No Patrick Sharp or Johnny Oduya means a lot of Vince Vaughn sad faces after the game tonight. That could have been because Vaughn was seeing his movie career go down the toilet or that he was sad Patrick Kane literally watch Vladimir Tarasenko win the game last week in Chicago. Who knows? The Blues have better goaltending and a deeper group of forwards here. Sorry Chicago.

Parayko gives the Blues defense some much needed slap shot jet fuel and size. He's monstrous on the ice but moves like a cheetah. He can pinch into the offensive zone or make a goalie worry about his cannon from the point. He's an apology waiting to happen to a Hawk going down to block a shot. Alex Pietrangelo, Kevin Shattenkirk and Jay Bouwmeester are the brains behind the production and the vets. Joel Edmundson is extra muscle and Carl Gunnarsson is polishing on the outside. The Blues are deeper defensively as well, especially with Duncan Keith missing Game 1.

If there is an edge to be had, it's behind the bench. I do believe Joel Quenneville is a better hockey mind than Ken Hitchcock and has a lot more confidence in pulling something out of nothing. Then again, look at what Hitch did this year with the most injuries in the league. The coaches skill level isn't exactly even but it's not exactly far apart either.

The Blues will win this series but it's going a full fledged extra whiskey bottle included seven games. The Hawks won't go easy. They will rebel against their depleted roster and make this interesting. The Blues will jump out to a 3-1 lead and then watch a near collapse occur before winning Game 7 in overtime with a Robby Fabbri dazzling shot and a Troy Brouwer finish. The home ice advantage will ring true early! That's right. Brouwer will induct himself into Toasted Ravioli folk lore legend with a series winning goal that makes John Kelly scream THANK YOU seventy times. Louie will do a back flip. Clark will be packed. For once in St. Louis, a red jersey falling to the ground will inspire happiness and not dread.

It's the Blues time. This roster is the deepest it will get for a long time. This team may look different in the next few years. Change will come. So the time is now. Fuck the past. Leave it there. All people care about today is the next two weeks. Put up or shut up. Live longer or disappear fast. The records are back to 0-0, folks. Anything can happen.

I picked the Blues to win it all on my NHL Roo Court Bracket. You should head over there and read Art Lippo's take on the Blues-Hawks matchup and also enter his NHL Bracket challenge group. Those guys do great work over there and give a shit without being paid a dime to produce the commentary. Check them out.

Am I insane for picking the Blues to beat the Hawks, Stars, Kings and Capitals? Maybe. I've just really grown to like this team and if there is a time for the Blues to take it home, 2015-16 is the time.

Comment below. Dish me the good, bad and the ugly.