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A Blues Playoff Poem - a St. Louis Game Time Paper Bonus

Brad wasn't able to fit this into the paper for tonight's game, so think of this as a SLGT hidden track.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Many folks sent in submissions for tonight's playoff edition of the St. Louis Game Time paper (buy one tonight and tip your vendors, please). He forwarded me this poem from a loyal reader that he wasn't able to work into the issue (there is a page limit, you know). Enjoy!

Twas the night before playoffs, and all through St Louis,
Hockey fans wished for a chalice to come to us.
The city alive, excitement everywhere,
In hopes that come June, the Blues would still be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of filthy snipes danced in their heads.
And mama in her jersey, and I in my cap,
Dream of times at the rink, with cold beer on tap.

When the Blues play the Hawks, it's always a clatter,
How sweet it would be if they win when it matters.
Into the zone, the Note will skate like a flash,
Pat Kane, Toews, and Hossa they're looking to smash.

The trophy painted where they shovel off snow,
If Hitch wants to keep his job, three rounds he must go!
When what to my wondering eyes should appear?
But 3 forwards, 2 D, and a MOOOSSSSEEEE in the rear!

With checking and scoring, and a glove hand so quick,
They'll shut down what makes other hockey teams click.
The East and the West teams, they know by name,
We'll whistle, cheer, and shout until they win the game.

Now, Vladi! now, Fabbri! now, Steener! now, Schwartz!
On, Petro! on, Shatty! on, JayBo! on, Borts!
To the top of the table, go defeat them all,
A parade on Market would be such a ball.

Though a playoff run could be hard on my liver,
A first round failure, would surely make me shiver.
Please start a tradition that will bring good news,
Because I don't think I'm done shouting LET'S GO BLUES!