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Beyond Checkerdome: Round 1 Game 1 Quick Shot

Let's pour a quick shot to recap Game 1

vanRiemsD'oh !
vanRiemsD'oh !
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Well .... at least it wasn't in Triple OT this time around.

The Blues win 1-0 on a David Backes shot (?) that deflects off of Trevor van Riemsdyk's skate and past Corey Crawford. After the way the game went for the 60+ minutes, you kinda knew it'd be a goal like this that ended it. Meanwhile, Brian Elliott gets the shutout and proves he belongs in that crease. So, thanks TVR!

Catch up with our postgame thoughts, eh?

For a link to download, click HERE.

Tell us what you saw differently - @ByndCheckerdome or simply comment below. And now ... get to bed you loonies! You have to work go to work tomorrow! Er .... later today. One down, many more to go kids. LGB.


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