Battling adversity

Last night sucked. There is not other way to describe it. It was frustrating, it was infuriating, and it sucked. I went to bed vowing to never watch another Blues game because "what is the point they pull this shit every year" (something I angrily muttered and something I am sure my wife will mockingly remind me of as I watch Sunday's game). However, there is something a little different about this team. In the past, the Blues met adversity like a car meets a wall at a crash test facility, they stopped, buckled, broke, and became a shattered mess. However, I cannot recall a Blues team that has faced as much adversity as this group has this season. Every team has to deal with injuries, and every team will see a star or too go down for a few games during a season. However, the Blues saw so many top players go down it ceased being shocking and almost became funny (you just had to laugh at some point). Yet not only did they make the playoffs, they almost won the damn division (one that had 5 playoff teams).

Before we do what our gut reaction tells us to do (which is assume the Blues are going to do what they normally do), let's see how this group handles this. If the attrition of the season taught them any lessons about perseverance we will know right away. I think this group is mentally tougher than previous seasons and may be far less likely to succumb to our history. If I'm wrong, hey at least we'll get a new coach out of it.

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