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Blues refusing to let NHL have their way

Despite a strong push by the Blackhawks to make the NHL's prophecy come true, the Blues are pushing back.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this series, STLGT femme missile launcher Hildy Mac talked about corruption in this series. Okay, more like are the refs giving the Blackhawks a small edge over the St. Louis Blues. The calls, the lack of calls, and the inability to read a rulebook. Anyway, so far, the Blues are saying Go Fuck yourself NHL. They aren't going down easy folks. The resiliency that usually dies like an erection 240 minutes after the blue pill is digested is standing tall this series. Mental toughness inside the Blues in mid April? Hell yes.

In Game 3, the Blues would have fallen flat like a little bitchy duck after the Hawks went up 2-1 after two periods. Instead Patrik Berglund and Jaden Schwartz scored, Brian Elliott sung the Moose song and the Blues turned that 2-1 deficit into a 2-1 series lead.

In Game 4 tonight, the Blackhawks catch some luck after Corey Crawford couldn't find his snickers bar.....

The Hawks took a 2-1 lead on the Blues and looked to be cruising yet Elliott once again said, "No More Goals Allowed" and stoned Patrick Kane twice in the second period. Vladimir Tarasenko showed some Alex Ovechkin like quick release voodoo child magic and tied the game at 2.

So far, the Blues aren't backing down. They aren't going away. They aren't folding. Everything isn't going as planned but the Blues are resisting the urge to choke.

We all know the NHL wants the Blues to choke it up and let the ratings happy Blackhawks move on and play more hockey. I can imagine Gary Bettman coughing up a twinkie watching this series develop from assured to insanity.

The fix may not be in but the NHL won't be fond of the Blues knocking the Hawks out of the playoffs. What would they do if LA, Boston, or Chicago didn't win a Stanley Cup? Shit the bed and panic.

Are these Blues for real? We won't know that until they win four games here and advance to the second round to dance another two weeks away. So far, they aren't going down. Tarasenko has 13 goals in 17 playoff games. Elliott is saving everything except gimme rebounds kicked out to baseball bat swingers named Duncan.

How much more can we get? Can the Blues bring home a 3-1 series lead Thursday? Let's keep our dirty minds in check until the Blues reign tall tonight in the Windy City. Win or lose, Corey Crawford is right. These are different St. Louis Blues. Now someone get Corey a snickers bar and let's play some third period hockey.

Doing a lot better than those pathetic Cardinals...