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Beyond Checkerdome Quick Shot: Round 1 Game 4

.... and the horse you rode in on.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Tyler said that the Blues HAD to win both games in Chicago this week. Tim said no, they just had to win one. Well.... whether they needed to or not, they did. Not only did they win, but they won in regulation, against a team that had previously answered every similar challenge, and against the odds thrown against them by some real shitty officiating. In previous years, this team would have gotten stuck on one bad goal or one bad call, and totally let the game pass them by. So far this series, they've passed up every opportunity to do so, and as a result have won a few games.

Now, we have a chance to eliminate them on our home ice. See You Thursday.

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Tim / CrossCheckRaise

Tyler / DonutKing