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Blues At Blackhawks Game Six Morning Open Thread: Try, Try Again

Will the Blues be able to eliminate the defending Stanley Cup champions tonight, or will this series be decided in seven games?

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

If you are one of the Blues fans who have gone from confident to concerned, it's fine. If you're a fan who was confident in a win Thursday night and you're confident tonight, it's fine.

If you're a fan who is on your way to Costco to buy a 48 pack of Bud and a 1000 count of aspirin, that's fine too.

Everyone has a reason to feel any of those ways today. This Blues team has shown amazing resilience all season long and has fought back multiple times this post-season to win. They've defeated the Blackhawks twice in Chicago, which is easily the toughest building in the league to play in.

They can win tonight.

Doubts about that lack of killer instinct might also be creeping in. Why does this team go flat when they have a lead, especially in the third period? Can they get an empty net insurance goal without someone being off side? Sure, they fought back in game five, but when they had the Hawks on the ropes in the first overtime, they couldn't seal the deal.

I'm sure those of you who are the 48 pack of Bud people are just watching the replay of Jay Bouwmeester standing on Brian Elliott's stick over and over again going "yeah, Blues gonna Blues."

I'm solidly in none of these camps, personally, but whatever camp you're in, we're all going to be in for a hell of a game tonight. Every game has been decided by a goal. There's no reason to think tonight'll be any different.

This is your open thread. Check back for some Road Music from CCR, his last of the round, and remember, we have the late broadcast again tonight. Swing by Second City Hockey and see how confident they are about tonight's game. Spoiler: it's a mixed bag.