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Stars Still Without Seguin

The Stars' center not expected to be on the ice for the next few days

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

According to an ESPN report you can read here. 1C Tyler Seguin isn't expected to be on the ice for the near future. Seguin missed the final 10 games of the season with a cut to his Achilles tendon. He played only 1 game in the series against the Wild, in game 2. Don't read too far into it. Hockey is notorious for smoke and mirrors on when a player will return, especially in the playoffs.

During game 2 Seguin skated 15:40 but came up injured again. It is being called a lower body injury that is different but related to his previous injury. The obvious reading between the lines is, Seguin came back to do what hockey players do, play hurt in big games. In doing so, he re-injured a body part that wasn't ready for the stress of playoff hockey. As a fan who enjoys the physicality and utter lack of regard for pain shown in the NHL, I give a hats off to Seguin. He wanted to help his team more than he cared about his own well being, and that is the most hockey thing there is.

That being said, had he rested a series the Stars were destined to win anyway, he may have been able to contribute more to the series that really mattered, against the Blues. The Stars did just fine without him, scoring more goals than any other team in the first round. They did this against a goalie who seems to be in a constant swing between stunning and suspect. To put it into perspective, Dallas scored 21 goals against the Wild. Last season the Blues scored only 14 against them. Dallas can still get it done without Seguin.

In his 1 game against the Wild, Seguin skated on 20 shifts, generated no points and recorded only 1 shot. He was 100% on the faceoff, but I am unable to locate the number he drew. On the year, Seguin is 55.56% on the dots. Against the Blackhawks, only 3 Blues players had better numbers. Broadziak (61.3), Stastny (55.8) and Ott (55.6).

How worried are you about Seguin's ability to play in round 2? Answer below and discuss in the comments.