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Sunday Open Bar - A Comet Appears

One hand on this wily comet . . . take a drink just to give me some weight . . . .

Actually, these are meteors . . . not comets. Oh well.
Actually, these are meteors . . . not comets. Oh well.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It was BluesMay's turn to do the links, but she couldn't. So you get me instead. Sorry.

And since it was a late driving night, you get an open bar. Good for you!

  • The Blues did not do so hot on April Fool's Day. 6-5 final, falling to the Bruins . . . Justin puts the cap on the shit sundae. [SLGT]
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder obviously was more sunny about the result. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Tonight it's the Avalanche(s), and Mile High Hockey. Watch as they continue to spiral out of the playoffs. [Mile High Hockey]
  • Current standings. [ Standings]
  • Getcha own damn scores, dawg. [ Scores]
  • Blackhawks asshole Duncan Keith got six games for swinging his stick into another dude's face. Six. What's he gotta do to get more . . . murder a guy? [ DoPS]
  • Lightning(s) Captain and überstar forward Steven Stamkos will miss the rest of the regular season and most (if not all) of the playoffs after a blood clot was discovered in his right arm, requiring surgery. Scary shit. Hope he's alright. []
  • North Carolina and Villanova will square off in the national championship game of that shooty-hoops tournament you've heard so much about, in a game that should be better than the two blowouts that led to the title game. [SB Nation]
  • BEER OF THE DAY: The Public House Brewing Company in St. James, MO does beer right. Like their Revelation Stout. It's quite tasty. [Untappd]
  • VIDEO: I am a huge fan of The Shins, and "A Comet Appears" may be my favorite song of theirs. Here's a live performance of the tune from what appears to be someone's basement:

"Close your eyes to corral a virtue. Is this fooling anyone else?"

BluesMay will return tomorrow. I'm pretty sure, anyway. I return Thursday. BluesMay then returns Saturday

Then, before the playoffs begin, we will announce a new way we'll be doing links that will take effect shortly after the Blues either are eliminated or win the whole damn thing (HAH!).