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Beyond Checkerdome Quick Shot: Round 2 Game 1

Could've gone better, to say the least

Whatcha laying down for, Schwartzie?
Whatcha laying down for, Schwartzie?
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This is the first time in history that we have ever done a Round 2 Quick Shot. We can only keep doing what we've always done and see how it works out. It got us this far, right? In the same vein, the Blues were a little unsteady and unsure in Game 1. They seemed to capture a little more of their essence in the third period, and if they can continue that further into this series we'll be just fine. We didn't really learn much of anything new: Roussel is an asshat, and Brian Elliott is amazing right now. We have a few questions for the team, hopefully they have answers in Game 2.

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On to Game 2!


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