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Blues At Blackhawks Morning Open Thread: Playoff Preview?

Will this be the round one matchup everyone loves to hate?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Blues fans got news that Steve Ott had colitis, and would be re-evaluated in two weeks. Just another opportunity for the Blues to lose a player for longer than expected. It's no longer a shocking development when it happens. Get well soon, Steve.

What, did you expect a swollen colon/Blackhawks joke? We here at Game Time are above that nonsense. Sort of.

The Blues just need one point tonight against Chicago to clinch home ice in the playoffs - which should be a big deal for the team, but judging from the last several seasons, really isn't that big of a deal at all. A win tonight and a Colorado victory over the Stars gets the Blues that much closer to another Central Division championship.

This is your morning open thread. Stay tuned for the final Road Music of the regular season, your GDT, and whatever injury updates come down the hatch. As it stands, Brian Elliott is starting tonight, so at least there's that. While you're waiting on puck drop, say hi to our best frenimies here on SB Nation - the guys over at Second City Hockey.