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Vladimir Tarasenko is the Blue With The Best Odds To Win The Conn Smythe?

Bovada's latest odds are out and I'm not sure if I agree with their Conn Smythe predictions.

Watch out, Vladdy! Sid's right behind you!
Watch out, Vladdy! Sid's right behind you!
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The latest Bovada odds are out, and while the Penguins are the odds on favorite to win the Stanley Cup over the St. Louis Blues. Sure, they don't say that flat-out, but the Pens are the favorite and a matchup against the Blues is also favored, so draw your own conclusions.

Odds to win the Stanley Cup

Pittsburgh Penguins                  9/5

St. Louis Blues                          2/1

San Jose Sharks 4/1

Tampa Bay Lightning 17/4

Exact Stanley Cup Matchup Odds

Pittsburgh vs. St. Louis                         8/5

Pittsburgh vs. San Jose                        2/1

Tampa Bay vs. St. Louis                        15/4

Tampa Bay vs. San Jose                       9/2

Sorry, those of you who are hankering for a Bolts/Sharks final.

Where the odds get interesting are the MVP picks. Sidney Crosby, despite being 22nd overall in playoff scoring (three goals, 7 assists) is the odds on favorite. Why? Presumably two things: One, when the chips are down, Sid usually steps up. Two, everyone knows who he is.

If you're going to have a Pens/Blues SCF, it makes sense that the next two favorites are Blues. Vladimir Tarasenko (9th in playoff scoring with 7 goals and 6 assists) comes in second place, and Brian Elliott comes in third thanks to his consistently solid goaltending (we'll pretend game 6 last round didn't happen).

Here's the complete list and the odds:

Sidney Crosby (PIT)                  9/2

Vladimir Tarasenko (STL)           7/1

Brian Elliott (STL)                      7/1 

Ben Bishop (TB)                        17/2

Logan Couture (SJ)                   19/2

Phil Kessel (PIT)                        19/2

Evgeni Malkin (PIT)                    10/1

Matt Murray (PIT)                       11/1

Joe Pavelski (SJ)                      11/1

Nikita Kucherov (TB)                  12/1 

Kevin Shattenkirk (STL)              14/1

Tyler Johnson (TB)                    16/1 

Martin Jones (SJ)                      16/1

David Backes (STL)                   20/1

Brent Burns (SJ)                        20/1 

Robby Fabbri (STL)                   20/1  

Kris Letang (PIT)                        20/1 

Jonathan Drouin (TB)                 35/1 

Victor Hedman (TB)                   50/1

Joe Thornton (SJ)                      50/1

The Blues are well represented, with David Backes and Robby Fabbri given 20/1 odds to win, and Kevin Shattenkirk being given 14/1 odds. But I'm sure the highly trained eye will notice someone missing.

Alex Pietrangelo.

He's averaging half a point per game so far while logging an average TOI of 29:41. He leads all active skaters in TOI as well as shifts per game (35). It's tough to argue against the fact that he's been the Blues' best defenseman; it's also tough to argue that he hasn't been the Blues' best skater out there.

Of course, we haven't even begun the conference finals yet, so perhaps all of this is for naught.Sometimes it's fun to put the cart in front of the horse, though, because let's admit it - it's been a while since we've been able to have this discussion.