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Through the looking glass. How similar are the Blues and Sharks?

The St. Louis Blues have met their doppelganger and it is the San Jose Sharks.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

"Both of us are pretty committed to a similar game," Hitchcock said. "Both have found success playing a certain way."

Maybe it is just me but as game one of the Western Conference Finals got underway I couldn't help but notice how similar these two teams played.

Just how similar are they when it comes to the fancystats?

Looking at the total season, they are neck and neck in corsi for %, a sizable distance between the two in high danger scoring chances,  right next to one another in goals for %, another sizable distance in hits for % and close PDO (PDO is a team's save % plus shot %).  Looking at the big picture of the entire season their stats look comparable in some areas and big differences in other.  However, if you look at just the last 20 or so games of the season (adjust the date to 2/25/2016) some key scoring and possession stats tighten up between the two.

They are either next to each other or one team apart in corsi for, high danger scoring chances, and goals for.  Still considerable distance though between hits and PDO.  But if you are looking for how a team plays, corsi, scoring chances, goals, and hits are some of the key points in telling that story.  That the Blues and Sharks match up on 3 of those 4 stats in the last handful of games in the regular season shows you how tough this conference final battle will be.

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