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Scouting Report: Aleksandr Tarasenko

There's a new kid on the block

Born today was Aleksandr Vladimirovich Tarasenko. In Russia, a childs middle name is the father's first name with a suffix added. While I have absolutely 0 proof that Vladdi went traditional, one can assume he did. The little tyke comes on game day, all but assuring a goal for his father, the most prolific Russian sniper since Vasily Zaytsev. He has already been voted for the cover of EA Sports NHL 35 and shoots left. There is only one question about the boy who is destined for greatness. After being born stateside, will he skate for Team USA or Team Russia. The international tension is palpable as we await his decision.

Congratulations to the entire Tarasenko family, and welcome Aleksandr, you are St. Louis' new favorite son.