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Scottie Upshall Reflects On His Hometown Of Fort McMurray

The town has been decimated by recent wildfires.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Fort McMurray, Alberta, is past the point of being threatened by a giant wildfire. So far, the blaze has destroyed 423,000 hectacres of land, is close to oilsands, and is also plowing toward key industrial sites. It grows rapidly by the day, has displaced thousands of workers, and many more thousands of residents.

One of Fort McMurray's favorite sons plays for the St. Louis Blues. Scotty Upshall penned a missive in honor of his hometown and it's been published on the always excellent Player's Tribune.

As Upshall says:

"Don’t count out my town.

To the firefighters and police officers who bravely stood in the face of unimaginable danger to lead people to safety: Thank you.

To the hundreds of people who have reached out to me personally to offer help: Thank you.

To Ray Whitney, a great friend and one the best teammates I’ve had the pleasure of lacing up with, who opened his home up to my nieces so they could keep going to school in the wake of the fire: Thank you.

To Ray’s wife Brijet, who opened up her dance studio for the girls and their entire Fort McMurray dance class so they can continue to do what they love: Thank you.

To the people of Fort McMurray: Keep fighting."

The Blues' forward has been a key cog on the team's fourth line, and has continued his high level of play through his concern for his hometown. He's playing for the Stanley Cup, but it's easy to get the sense that he's playing for something else.