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Blues At Sharks Morning Open Thread: Step It Up

After a dismal performance on Tuesday, what kind of show will the Blues put on in San Jose?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night is not a performance that the Blues want to remember, but maybe they need to. Not the "dwell on it" kind of remember, but the "learn from it" kind of remember. There's a lot to learn from Tuesday night, like what effort level can get you, what playing sharp hockey can get you, what remembering how to get set up on the power play can get you (especially when said power play is a four minute one). Also, remembering to not take stupid penalties would be helpful too. The Blues had some momentum issues due to a constant need to play shorthanded due to unnecessary hacks and whacks.

The Sharks have been absurd at home this postseason, losing just once. Let's hope that team meeting that they held before hopping on the plane sticks.

Luckily, Ken Hitchcock has a plan: line-up changes!

"I think changing your lineup has a real impact," Hitchcock said Wednesday before the Blues left for San Jose. "There can't be any emotion in the coaches' decisions at this time. You have to do what's best for your team. One of the greatest things we've had going through injuries is flexibility. That's really helped us in the playoffs.

"You put the numbers up on the board and guys haven't gotten all shook up because they're on different lines because they've played on those lines before. ... I don't know if we've been lucky or we've been experienced, but we've made adjustments all playoffs and every one of them has worked. We're probably going to have to make a few more tomorrow and hopefully they work."

This is probably very complicated code for "someone other than Steve Ott will be playing tonight."

This is your morning open thread. Check back for some Road Music with your host CrossCheckRaise, your how to watch post, and your GDT. Line changes might be forthcoming too, so keep your eyes peeled.