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Blues vs. Sharks: TV coverage, game time and live stream for Game 3

Tonight's game is a bit later than we're used to, but it's nothing Blues fans can't handle after the start times of round one.

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's game is a later start by virtue of the fact that games starting at 5:00 in the Pacific Time Zone isn't going to happen. 6:00 isn't much better than 5:00, so the burden that Sharks fans bear today is greater than our burden - unless you're in the Eastern Time Zone, and then you have to worry about staying up until midnight to watch a performance that may run the gamut from unwatchable to unbeatable.

If you''re planning on watching, it's another NBCSN B-Team broadcast. Pre-game begins at 7:00 Central. If you're not at home, you can access the broadcast using the NBC Sports Live Extra app for your tablet or phone, and if you have your laptop with you, you can access the stream here. No word yet on what nuggets of wisdom Mike Milbury will have for their viewing audience.

Radio will be, yet again, on Y98 because Blues playoffs will always come secondary to Cardinals regular season games against the Colorado Rockies.