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I wasn't nervous about the Blues before but I'm nervous now.

The St. Louis Blues have had this quiet confidence about themselves all season long. Regardless of their play and whatever hole they found themselves in, they always seemed to keep it together, stick with the game plan, and shift the momentum of the game. This is what earned them the opportunity to play in the Western Conference Finals.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

However, the Sharks seem to have figured out how to disrupt the Blue's game plan. And this is what has me nervous. When the Blues' game plan is disrupted, the team and coaching staff never seem to be able to adjust. It doesn't matter how hard the Blues play if the other team knows exactly what the Blues' next move will be on the ice. I strung together a group of tweets from a hockey scout which essentially confirms in detail what I was feeling during game two of this series. I am now nervous about this team and their chances.