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Seguin Skates

but stays in Dallas

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The news that none of us were hoping to hear. Star center for the aptly named Dallas Stars, Tyler Seguin, skated today. If previous quotes are to be believed, he is still 4 to 5 days away from seeing ice time. That would put him back in action around May 6-7th. May 7th would be game 5 in Dallas.

Seguin is remaining in Dallas for game 3. He won't be alone, as he will be joined by Patrick Eaves. Eaves missed game 2 with a foot injury. Not making the trip could mean that they are both out until atleast game 5. According to Ruff that may not be so. When questioned he mentioned there being daily flights from Dallas to St. Louis.

While this is true, I don't see them putting Seguin on a flight by himself for game 4. Eaves may be another story. Getting him an extra 2 days of work in Dallas with his trainers might be enough to get him going in game 4. My gut feeling is if he was that close, he would have traveled.

The Stars might smartly be playing the long game. They feel this is a series that will go the the distance. A healthy and rested Seguin and Eaves could go a long way towards helping them close it out in game 6 or 7.They are playing with house money in games 3 and 4. The Blues are expected to win these games. Should Dallas steal one, all the better. They seem more concerned in playing their best hockey when it matters the most, at the end of the series. They have the most offensively potent team in the league. It is not out of the question for them to overcome any deficit in any game. Gearing up to possibly win 3 in a row with 2 games in their friendly confines isn't a bad strategy when you consider they could all become healthy at the right time.This is the true mystery of playoff hockey. Everyone is available, and any injury information may or may not reflect whether or not someone plays.

One thing is for sure. The Blues desperately need to take both games at home. The Stars will only get healthier and more talented as this series stretches on. The best case scenario is the Blues going up 3-1 and going back to Dallas for a possible elimination game. While Dallas might be playing the long game, it is still a dangerous one for them. They will have to be perfect for it to work. Leaving St. Louis at 2-2 or 1-3 would be a recipe for disaster for the note. Games 3 and 4 may be the last time the Blues get to face a Dallas Stars team without a few key players. This is the kind of series the old Blues lose. Dallas was a team everyone said they should beat. They have a weak defense and goaltender and their top center is out. The old Blues let Dallas hang around until they get healthy and come back in shocking fashion. For the sake of our livers and hearts, put this series away early.