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Dallas And St. Louis Zoos Have A Hockey Bet Going Involving Elephant Poop

Playoff series always lead to interesting wagers; this is one of the more interesting we've seen for a while.

Steve Powell/Getty Images

The Dallas Zoo and the St. Louis Zoo have quite the wager going on. Both zoos are state of the art, which obviously entails elephants. Our zoo sports the smaller Asian elephants, including elephant toddler (and absolutely adorable sweetheart) Priya. As anyone with a toddler can attest, they poop a lot.

The Dallas Zoo has just rescued some massive African elephants from Swaziland. They are significantly larger than the Asian elephants, and poop more.

So, now's the perfect time for a bet between the two zoos involving elephant crap.

If the Stars win this series, the St. Louis Zoo's senior vice president, Dr. Eric Miller, will be headed to Dallas to help shovel some poop. Seriously. This is what the bet is over. The losing zoo is sending an official over to shovel the winning city zoo's elephant dung.