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Saturday Links - The Past And Pending

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James Mercer makes really good music, if you ask me.

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PICTURED: A dude we're told exists
PICTURED: A dude we're told exists
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports


  • . . . they . . . um. [SLGT]
  • Fear The Fin liked it, I think. [Fear The Fin]
  • CCR and I talked about it. [SLGT]


  • Dan says it's not time to panic yet. I'm inclined to agree. [SLGT]
  • Of course, people see THIS as a panic move, even though it probably isn't . . . Jake Allen will be in goal for Game Four in place of Brian Elliott, who looked pretty bad in Game Three. [SLGT]
  • It's the right call, according to one writer. [USA Today]
  • "Shuck The Farks". Weird thing is, I THOUGHT this last week and thought it was silly, but it seems better in shirt form. [SLGT FanShots]
  • What is a Vladimir Tarasenko? It's something that's been missing this series thus far. [StL Today / Morning Skate]


  • If you're in the BWI, see Game Four tonight with fellow Blues fans in Baltimore at Slainte in Fells Point. Be there! (If you're, um, there.) [SLGT]




  • Another TSN Original, this one from 2013 about the DOG POG penalty . . . which may legitimately be the dumbest penalty in sports. [SLGT FanShots]
  • It would make sense for the Maple Leafs . . . who I often call the Cubs Of Hockey (because the Blues are, like, the Astros of hockey if we're totally honest with ourselves, right? Just think about it) . . . to follow the Cubs model. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • So if Carl Hagelin, Nick Bonino and Phil Kessel start doing rails of coke and tons of steroids before "Finding Jesus" and "checking into rehab", we all have this HBK Line bullshit to blame. [SB Nation / #Lookit]
  • Speaking of Kessel, he's pretty good in the playoffs. Trending Topics, Ryan Lambert. [Puck Daddy]
  • Anyway, the Blues aren't the only remaining team with a goaltending controversy. The Penguins are now officially on that list. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Paul Bissonnette tells us why Captains have the greatest impact. [USA Today]
  • Lightning(s) coach Jon Cooper praised the mental toughness of Jonathan Drouin recently. Great. Another thing his agent, Allan Walsh--who quite nearly sabotaged this young man's career without trying earlier this season--can take credit for that he had nothing to do with. [Sportsnet]
  • Not surprisingly, despite his recent injury/illness trouble, Steven Stamkos tops this list of NHL free agent list. [TSN]


  • A cool story from my hometown of Staunton, IL. I grew up with this little dude's uncle. [KTVI / Fox 2]
  • Speaking of using 3D printers for cool shit . . . how about an actual motorcycle? [Y! / AP]
  • A bizarre story out of Milwaukee, as the NBA's Bucks reportedly compromised the financial information of its' players in an email scam. [SB Nation]
  • There are two things the NCAA are really good at. One is making money off the backs of our youth. The other, as illustrated here, is being complete assholes. [Deadspin]
  • 1) Go see Captain America: Civil War if you haven't yet . . . and 2) this podcast with Anthony Mackie is fucking insanely hilarious. [Nerdist]
  • If the sky is clear, it should be pretty easy to spot Mars on Sunday. [NPR / The Two-Way]
  • A brewery in Florida is putting some of its' beer in edible six-pack rings. [Mental Floss]


  • This is one local to me . . . but definitely good enough to share about. Abbey, from Martin City Brewing Company here in KC MO, a Belgian-style dubbel that packs quite a wallop at 7.2% ABV. [Untappd]


I'm an unabashed fan of a musician named James Mercer and his band, The Shins (in all of its' incarnations . . . oh, and Broken Bells, too). This song seemed to fit the current mood of Blues fans. "The Past And Pending" . . . it's a little soft, I know, but who gives a shit:

"Held to the past, too aware of the pending / Chill as the dawn breaks and finds us up for sale."

There will be a Game Five, which means there will be links ahead of Game Five, which we believe BluesMay will handle.