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Blues vs. Sharks: TV coverage, game time and live stream for Game 4

One horse race ends, another begins.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

We have a national broadcast tonight on NBC, but it'll still be NBCSN's B-Crew doing the game. The game's a little early - it's a 6:00 start, but that's due to two things. One, horse racing is preventing it from being an afternoon game and two, it's kind of an afternoon game for the folks in San Jose, so why not an early evening game here?

To accommodate position players pitching, the game will be broadcast with Kerbs and Chase on Y98 FM.

If you're not near a TV with NBC tonight (and why wouldn't you be somewhere with a TV and beer on today of all days?), you can catch the game on NBCSN's Live Extra app, or if you have your laptop with you, you can access the stream here.