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Pete DeBoer Unhappy With Blues Win, Apparently

The San Jose Sharks coach was offended that Ken Hitchcock did his job, and he was more offended that the press kept asking him about it.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

It makes sense that San Jose Sharks coach Pete DeBoer wasn't happy with his team's game four performance. It stands to reason that sure, the press constantly asking him about that loss during the post-game press conference would be something that he wouldn't want to talk about. When those questions are more about what the Blues did right than what your own team did wrong, I could see his patience wearing thin.

But last night was a masterstroke in DeBoer showing that maybe the opposition's getting to the Sharks coach. Maybe, just maybe, Hitchcock's in his head.

“I’m sure Hitch will tell you he made all types of great adjustments and every one of them worked tonight. Hats off to him.”


Honestly, that's probably what happened to help the Blues win - Hitch made adjustments, both roster and in-game (and many out of necessity due to injuries to David Backes and Robby Fabbri). Is DeBoer resentful that another coach was just doing his job, or is he resentful that a member of the press asked him about how Hitchcock was doing his job? Or was he just sore that the Sharks turned in their worst performance of the playoffs at the worst possible time?

Regardless, this was a hell of a quick post-game press conference by someone who not only wasn't happy with the way that their team played, but wasn't happy that the other team had the gall to play better.