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Blues vs. Sharks: TV coverage, game time and live stream for Game 6

Tonight's slightly later than usual game is, as always, on NBCSN.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is either the last night that Blues fans will have to listen to NBCSN's B-crew, or it's the second to last night.  Hopefully we'll have Brian Boucher around for one more game.

The broadcast begins at 7:00 Central with the pre-game analysis - if you missed last night's Pens/Bolts game, you can get caught up then. Puck drop is at 8:00-ish.  If you're not around a TV tonight (seriously, why wouldn't you be?), you can catch the game on the NBC Live Extra app on your phone or tablet. If you're near your laptop, you can access the stream here.

The radio broadcast will be on KMOX tonight (!) since the Cardinals and Cubs will be facing off at Busch Stadium this afternoon. Hopefully the Cards and the Blues both can pick up the pace and get some offensive firepower going tonight.